Current Students

Undergraduate Students

For my current undergraduate students, we continue our course-related conversations throughout the semester on our class Facebook page. I’ll also send out information via Portal announcements, which go to your email. If you send me an email and you don’t get a reply in 48 hours, it means that I missed it and so please send it again. To both my current and former undergrads, if you need a letter of recommendation, please see my guidelines here

My hiring decisions for 2017-18 have been made. That said, I frequently hire undergraduate Research Assistants (RA) or work-study students for my global projects. Work-study positions are posted online with the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Other undergraduate RA positions are advertised to our students via email list-serve, on an ad hoc basis. To clarify, please note that my hiring decisions are entirely based on capabilities to serve on global projects, which bring together a range of skills sets. Sometimes I need someone who speaks a northern dialect of Hausa, including swear words. Other times I need someone with outstanding library research skills in a very specialized subfield of international security. I give priority to UTSC students wherever possible, but when we hire, my teams are looking to fill specific needs in our global projects.

Graduate Students

Finally, for my graduate students, you know where to find me, by email, text, and phone. I’ve got your back. But I’m still fairly new at this, so check out some wisdom from my PhD supervisor Steve Saideman.