Prospective Students

The University of Toronto welcomes applications from students around the world. That said, I receive at least 100 requests from students around the world each month, requesting supervision and guidance. Not only is it impossible for me to reply to these requests, but this is also not how application to our university works.

First, if your research interests align with mine, you are welcome to list me as a potential supervisor in your application statement. You do not need my special permission before doing so. If you list me as a prospective advisor, I will automatically be included in the review of your application, alongside all other applicants who list me as a prospective advisor. Please follow the formal instructions for application into our program.

Second, because I am early in my career, I am not in a position to supervise pre- or post-doctoral fellowships paid for by sponsoring governments. Unfortunately, I receive so many unsolicited requests for supervisions that I am simply unable to personally reply to each of them. If any opportunities for supervising externally funded fellowships arise in the future, I will certainly post them here. Until then, good luck.